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The 1st Descendants of Light
Guardian Dragons of the Great God Amorru.
God adult iconDark nix adult icon
4 Divine Dragons
The 4 Dragons which serve the God Dragon.
God adult iconLightning adult iconFrost adult iconPower adult icon
Ancient Dragons
Ancient dragons which worshiped the light.
Baal adult iconSpicy adult iconRafael adult icon
Genesis Dragons
Dragons from which the 4 Elements began.
Iron adult iconPython adult iconOro adult icon
Unique dragons with multiple personalities.
Hydra adult iconSiamese adult iconVenezie adult icon
Girls Generation
Group of dragons composed only of female dragons.
Angel adult iconLady adult iconKangarabbit adult iconPink bell adult icon
Black & White
Dragons well known as the fantasy dragons.
White adult iconBlack adult icon
Divine Beast of the East
Dragons highly respected through legendary myths of the East.
Blue adult iconPhoenix adult iconHyeonmu adult iconHaetai adult iconJaryong adult icon
Sky Wanderers
Dragons that can fly the fastest in the sky.
Wind adult iconWing adult iconTyphoon adult icon
Guides of the Night
Dragons that summons sleep.
Crescent adult iconLambgon adult icon
Apprentices of the Witch
Fearsome dragons that possess the power of the witch.
Black queen adult iconWitch adult icon
Dragons that once guarded Derusha.
Argo adult iconSigma adult icon
Dragons with exceptional swimming skills.
Nessie adult iconWater adult icon
Dragons that have survived numerous battles.
Blade adult iconKnight adult iconNinja adult icon
We may not look the same but we're definitely brothers!
File:Frosty adult icon.pngFile:Dark frosty adult icon.png
Legs! Tail! Wings!
It'samess! Let's look through carefully.
Six legged adult iconTail adult iconHyena adult icon
Guardians of the Forest
Dragons that protects the forest.
Leaf adult iconTimber adult iconFlower adult iconFairy adult icon
Guardian of the Faith
Dragons that guards the God of Faith, Daiz.
Burnesce adult iconLuminesce adult icon
Natural Wonders
Truly rare dragons which are almost impossible to be sighted.
Purple lips adult iconCoelacanth adult iconZephyros adult icon
Werid Personality
Dragons well known for that unusual personalities.
Alien adult iconMarshmallow adult icon
Twinkle, Twinkle!
Dragons with higher value than gold.
Golden horn adult iconRainbow adult iconViolet adult iconNeon adult icon
Extraordinary dragons with mutated characteristics.
Serpent adult iconCobra adult icon
Dependable Friends
Highly recommended for a rookie dragon tamer.
Emerald adult iconGuardian adult icon
Deep Sorrow
Dragons with sad history.
Frankenstegon adult iconDevilgon adult icon
Food Gawker
Dragons that costs too much to feed.
Fat adult iconHungry adult icon
Faster than Light
Faster and more innovative than anyone!
Mini adult iconJet adult icon
Insect Collection?
Creepy bug-like dragons.
Insect adult iconScorpion adult iconHercules adult icon
Trooper Commando
Dragons that charges like bulldozers when angered.
Fire adult iconVolcano adult iconRed wyvern adult icon
Family of the courages Guardians of Light.
God adult iconAngel adult iconGod jr adult iconAngel jr adult icon
Guards of Hell
Terrifying dragons known to have been born from the pits of hell.
Hell adult iconTartaros adult icon
Partner & Friend
Dragons known to be best friends.
Spike adult iconMusic adult icon
Halt! Do NOT Approach!
Dependable dragons with unsurpassed defense power.
Boulder adult iconSpine adult iconStud adult icon
Book Club Friends
Dragons that prefers reading than playing outside.
Smart adult iconEgg adult iconIgnis adult icon
Dragons that are almost blind. But with other sharp senses.
Underground adult iconSand adult iconSkelegon adult icon
Successor of Tradition
Dragons that maintains valuable traditions.
Bone head adult iconTotem adult iconShooting star adult icon
Iron Wall
There's no better when it comes to protecting something!
Eraser adult iconPredator adult icon
Advocates of Peace
Dragons which love peace, and avoid fights.
Chameleon adult iconGoldencrow adult iconTatoo adult icon
Dragons that are too hot and dangerous to approach.
Lava adult iconFlame adult icon
Dragons that have pledged to ascend together at the same time.
Mummy adult iconCentipede adult iconDark fall adult icon
Respectable Counselors
Dragons which value confidentiality and deep thoughts.
Battle adult iconShaman adult iconOrpheus adult icon

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