Currency is a means of buying items in Dragon Village 2.

Major Currencies

The major currencies are the most commonly seen and used currency. There are only two: Gold, and Diamonds.

Side Currencies

The side currencies are currencies used to purchase items within a confined location. Such examples are:

Guild Points: They are accumulated by Exploration, Expedition, and Colosseum, and can be spent on Guild Buffs.

Gem Powder: These powders come in the form of Red, Blue, and Yellow, which can be extracted from any ATK Gem, DEF Gem, or HP Gem respectively. It can be used to forge a Hybrid Gem.

Rank Scramble Points: These resemble trophies and can be used to exchange for the various element Gudra chests(100 RSP) or a Gold chest(1500 RSP). These can only be earned from defeating an incoming opponent and through daily rank scramble cycles at 2100 Korea Time.

Raid fragments: Raid fragments include Kaciz fragments and Kronak fragments, which are won by World Raids and can be exchanged for Dragon Eggs and other items.

Event Currencies

The event currencies are currencies that are only available during certain events. For example:

-First anniversary Candle

-Rice cake

-Child Balloon


-X-mas socks


-Colectibile Ice cream

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