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Dark frosty egg.png Dark frosty hatch icon.png Dark frosty hatchling icon.png File:Dark frosty adult icon.png

Dark Frosty ATK
4 star
Dragon stats
Unlike Frosty that lives in packs, Dark Frosty prefers to live alone in dark places with no visitors.
LV 1 Stats LV Max Stats
Stats min max Stats min max

How to obtain Edit

Dark Frosty can be obtained through these methods:

  • Brilliant mysterious egg
  • Dark Frosty Scroll; obtained through exploring on hero mode or the item "Mysterious book of scroll", Gather its ingredients to create its egg
  • Transfer/Summon Dark Frosty in Dragon Village 1 if you have it (through combining Black, White, and Random eggs)

Trivia Edit

  • The methods of getting this dragon is almost entirely similar of getting its polar opposite, Frosty.
  • The presence of Black and White dragon eggs in the scroll is a reference to its egg combination from Dragon Village 1.

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