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Frosty DEF
4 star
Dragon stats
A mysterious dragon that lives in packs on snowy fields. The dragon can unleash its powers if the accessories around its neck are unlocked.
LV 1 Stats LV Max Stats
Stats min max Stats min max

How to obtain Edit

Frosty can be obtained through

  • Using the dragon portal in Dragon Village 1 (To get Frosty in the said game you must do an egg combination of Black, White, and random egg.)
  • Brilliant mysterious egg
  • Get the scroll and create it once you have its ingredients.

Trivia Edit

  • Its ingredients involve a Black and White Dragon eggs. This references its only egg combination from the previous game.
  • Frosty's polar opposite is Dark Frosty.

Gallery Edit

Frosty Hatch

Hatch Frosty

Frosty Hatchling

Hatchling Frosty

Frosty Adult

Adult Frosty

Frosty Awaken

Awakening Frosty

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