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God Dragon HP/DEF
4 star
Dragon stats
God Dragon was the God's messenger in the world during the Age of Light and Darkness. It was the guardian of light and life that maintained balance in the world.
LV 1 Stats LV Max Stats
Stats min max Stats min max
HP 169 199 HP 561 934
ATK 15 21 ATK 113 217
DEF 15 21 DEF 113 217

How to obtain Edit

God Dragon can be obtained through:

  • Exploring the Sky Temple (Hero mode only);
  • Light essence trade; or
  • Through mysterious dragon egg, or even brilliant mysterious egg(due to the fact it is a 4-star).

Well I got it by obtaining all eggs in the area and defeating the boss (like 2 times and the area is the sky temple in normal mode)

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