Item could be obtained by purchasing in the store, found randomly during exploration, daily rewards, etc. It could be sold for gold. Items are categorized 8 different groups by its usage.

  • Food

Dragon feed and potions fall into this category.

  • Equipment

Equipment could be equipped by dragons. When equipped they raise dragon's status. Claws, feathers, charms, etc. could be found in this category.

  • Gem

Gems could be equipped by dragons. The maximum is 3 gems for each dragon. Equip-able gem types depends on the dragon's gem slot color.

  • Egg

All dragon eggs obtained are found in this category.

  • Skill

Skill scrolls are used to teach dragons skill.

  • Scroll

Unused maps all belong in this category.

  • Material

Used in the lavatory for making dragon eggs.

  • ETC

All other items, which doesn't belong to any other categories, falls into this category.

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