Kurupa is one of the Light elemental dragons in Dragon Village 2.


In the game's description:

"This dragon is found only in the mysterious world of Aurom. It is powerful in the morning but its power slowly diminish when the sun goes down."

How to obtainEdit

  • The only way to get Kurupa is to use the mysterious dragon egg. It is considered the "lucky dragon egg" for a limited time only. It is currently available to obtain.

Trivia Edit

  • Kurupa, Sura Dragon, Estimia, and Frostraptor Dragon are the only dragons that are available through mysterious dragon egg as "lucky dragons" for a limited time. Kurupa is the one who is currently available as of now.
  • Kurupa is the only Mysterious egg exclusive not to have an awakening form.


Hatch Kurupa

Kurupa in hatch stage

Hatchling Kurupa

Kurupa in Hatchling stage

Adult Kurupa

Kurupa in adult stage

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