Mission is the achievement system in Dragon Village 2. Missions can be accomplished by finishing a given request or repeating a specific action for certain times. Finishing missions rewards the tamers with a random item and gold. Usually, missions have 5 levels and finishing all levels will give tamers a matching title.

List of MissionsEdit

Defeat Dark Nix (200 times)

Defeat Marionette at Ancient Ruins (200 times)

Defeat Kronak (50 times)

Explore Blizzard Mountain (1,000 times)

Clear Yutakan Story (1 time)

Clear 10 Missions (1 time)

Clear 30 Missions (1 time)

Clear 50 Missions (1 time)

Clear 100 Missions (1 time)

Clear 200 Missions (1 time)

Decline a villagers request (100 times)

Sell an item (1,000 times)

Buy an item (1,000 times)

Buy an item at the auction (200 times)

Attack Kronak (500 times)

Attack Kaciz (500 times)

Find Essence (1,000 times)

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