Party Dragon is one of the Light elemental dragons in Dragon Village 2.

Description Edit

"A very playful dragon, easily seen on joyful events. Renown for its ability to make a happy atmosphere, almost as if it's a magical ability. This ability also has a healing effect which makes Party Dragon perfect for healing the wounded."

How to obtain Edit

  • The only way to get Party Dragon is to log your account in the Dragon Village 1 or 2 website and spin the daily wheel, which contains this dragon, and was available for a limited time (Nov.23-Nov.30, 2015)

Trivia Edit

  • Before the v.2.0.0 update, Party Dragon's description was in Korean language, no matter what.

Gallery Edit

Hatch Party

Hatch Party Dragon

Hatchling Party

Hatchling Party Dragon

Adult Party

Adult Party Dragon

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