97px Purple lips hatch icon.png Purple lips hatchling icon.png Purple lips adult icon.png

Purple Lips HP/DEF
4 star
Dragon stats
A mystical dragon that is often targeted by hunters who are looking for the gem on its forehead. The dragon prefers to live in remote places with few visitors.
LV 1 Stats LV Max Stats
Stats min max Stats min max

How to obtain Edit

Purple Lips can be obtained through these methods:

  • Open the Secret Chest
  • Water essence trade
  • Mysterious or Brilliant egg

Trivia Edit

  • Both Purple Lips and Coelacanth are somewhat similar in a way. Both are being targeted through their valuable body part by people, so both hide in silent areas. In Purple Lips' case, people are targeting its gem on the forehead.
  • It is one of the dragons being found in the Mysterious Emitter.

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