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Shaman Dragon HP/DEF
4 star
Dragon stats
A dragon that uses power of its ancestor's souls as a weapon. The dragon is popular among the dragon tamer for its strong attack ability.
LV 1 Stats LV Max Stats
Stats min max Stats min max

How to obtain Edit

  • Shaman Dragon was available during the Raid Volume 1. You can encounter it through exploring, as usual. Defeating it can let you a chance to get its scroll and even Crystal of Shaman Dragon. You need 55 of these crystals as part of the ingredients of the scroll. Gather the two other ingredients to create the egg.
  • Brilliant Mysterious egg (currently the only way to get it)

Gallery Edit

2015-12-11 Hatch

Hatch Shaman Dragon

2015-12-11 Hatchling

Hatchling Shaman Dragon

2015-12-11 Adult

Adult Shaman Dragon

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